CPA’s and Accountants Gradually Moving to the Cloud

24 Oct CPA’s and Accountants Gradually Moving to the Cloud

The latest research is showing that, though accountants and bookkeepers have been slow to move to the cloud, they are gradually making the transition. Many accounting professionals continue to order and use old school legacy products in some of their work. The reason for this may be that accounting professionals understand the need for utmost privacy for their clients and the internet has proven to be vulnerable to attacks.

Benefits of Cloud Based Accounting For Accountants


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However, accountants and tax professionals in larger cities like New York and Los Angeles seem to be realizing the convenience and numerous advantages of cloud computing. One of the biggest benefits is that a client can access their tax or financial information from anywhere in the world. Once data is in the cloud, it’s easy to change, download, print, or view. With so many individuals and business owners traveling a lot for business and pleasure, it just makes more sense.

Another key benefit of any cloud-based business is that it allows workers to stay at home and still get the work done. Say you are busy wife, mom and accountant and one of the kids is sick for a few days. You can stay home with your child and see to their needs but still have the ability to work on a client’s financials.

The experts agree that within 20 years, just about all businesses will do the majority of their work online. Their key data, programs, photos and more will be located on the Internet. New software programs are currently being developed that make it easy and convenient to work online regardless of your type of business. The number of people who work from home grows each year.


The cloud maximizes the efficiency of shared resources. You no longer have to purchase expensive servers and people to maintain them. The accounting programs available are generally more versatile for accounting professionals and their clients. Still, many bookkeepers and accountants like doing things the old-fashioned way.

Though the world is changing, what will not change is the need for highly trained bookkeepers and accountants. At tax time, having an expert to make sure everything is done correctly is priceless.

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