What Will You Do With The $24,000 You Just Saved?

If you hire small business accounting services like Avalon, this is just a sample of how much money you can save by using our skills. We have been in the accounting industry for almost 30 years and know every single tax loophole in the state of Florida.

The above $24,000 figure comes from a little known law which allows you to deduct this amount of money from the cost of a truck or van which weighs more than 6,000 pounds as long as this vehicle is for your business and you can prove it. The tax world is filled with these kind of stipulations that fly over the heads of most small businesses. Just imagine the thousands of dollars you are losing on a regular basis by not seeking the help of small business accounting services.

What would your business do with $24,000?

  • Pay off debts that are threatening to bring your company under?
  • Invest in more stock or staff which can improve your profit stream?
  • Pay for a website and marketing campaign which takes your business to the next level?

At Avalon, we provide you with all the usual small business accounting services such as corporate tax returns, balance sheets, profit and loss, cash flow statements, IRS representation and payroll reports but we go above and beyond the realm of the traditional accountant.

We are one of the best small business accounting services in Florida and we take care of every single financial aspect of your business. Instead of being a faceless organization where you send in your documents and have your tax returns filled out, we do things a little more personally. No matter where you live in Florida, be it West Palm Beach or Boca Raton, Avalon will be there for you every step of the way.

We will help you regardless of whether you are looking to start up a business or else you are hoping to breath new life into a company that is doing downhill. During our time in the accounting industry, we have seen thousands of companies go to the wall for want of small business accounting services. They didn’t understand the importance of having financial experts in their corner, overreached and fell by the wayside.

Do You Want This To Happen To You?

  • Are you content to allow your company in Florida to become just another sad statistic because you won’t hire small business accounting services?
  • Are you frightened of success or failure?
  • Could you stand to see a lifetime of work vanish before your eyes?
  • Do you have the foresight to see that small business accounting services can do more for you than just balance the books?

Avalon Accounting is not just a bookkeeper. It is a family run firm that is intent on transforming the fortunes of small businesses in the state of Florida. We don’t want to see hardworking families with broken hearts and dreams. Our small business accounting services are designed to be an all-encompassing solution to the financial problems of all our clients.