Accountant Ft. Lauderdale

If you own a small business in Ft. Lauderdale, then you understand how rewarding it can be. But you are also most likely aware of the hectic schedule that many small business owners must maintain. Some days you’ll find yourself going in a dozen different directions trying to get customers taken care of, while ordering inventory and paying invoices. You just never know where a day will take you.

Many small business owners don’t believe they have the money to hire a professional accountant in Ft. Lauderdale. Though you can get by with cutting corners in the shipping department, office supplies, and other areas, it is never wise to cut corners in the area of accounting. Just one accounting mistake and you can place your business in a precarious position. Get behind on paying your suppliers and utility companies and you can ruin your credit.

Experienced Accountant Fort Lauderdale

Avalon Accounting makes it easy for small business owners to get the help they need with all their accounting tasks. For over 20 years Avalon Accounting has been helping small business owners keep their bookkeeping up to date and accurate. You can eliminate expensive mistakes when you hire the pros at Avalon.

We also offer a number of other helpful financial services to small business owners, such as:

  • Quarterly & annual taxes prepared
  • Payroll & reporting
  • Financial statements
  • IRS representation
  • Sales tax reports
  • Advice & assistance setting up corporate structure

Avoid Costly IRS Penalties

When you allow Avalon Accounting to handle your tax reports and your annual tax return, you can rest easy knowing that things are done right. Our highly skilled staff provides you with a wide range of accurate, reliable accounting services that will make your job much easier. We are always available if you have questions or need help with something. We have been partnering with small business owners in the Ft. Lauderdale area for many years and we take pride in serving you. When you have our staff working for you, then you can fully focus on running your business. Located in Coral Springs, our services are so effective and cost-efficient that we’re well worth the drive.

Accountant Ft. Lauderdale

Contact Avalon Accounting today and get the power of a professional accountant in Ft. Lauderdale on your team. Our business is helping your business succeed. 954-510-0454