Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accountant FloridaWithout small business accounting, your company could be losing thousands of dollars a year. A surprisingly high amount of small businesses attempt DIY accounting without really understanding how the tax system works. This costs them a significant amount of money in the long run, cash that they cannot get back.

Thanks to the small business accounting services offered by Avalon Accounting, you will have more money to spend on inventory, staff, advertising and all the other things that makes a small business successful, giving you the opportunity to expand your business. We guarantee that the personalized accounting service we offer will help you plan for the future of your business.

Our Commitment To You:

When you come to Avalon Accounting for small business accounting services, you receive:

  • Accurate filing of quarterly and annual taxes which will save you money
  • Payroll reports to take the stress out of taking care of your employees
  • Comprehensive financial statements such as an income statement, cash flow and balance sheet
  • IRS representation to ensure you always comply with tax laws
  • Guidance on your business structure to make sure you are successful for years to come

We will sit down and carefully analyze the direction in which your business is heading. Just because one small business is eligible for a tax break, it doesn’t mean that another company of a similar size, or even in the same industry, has the same privilege. We will find every conceivable tax advantage available to you. Avalon Accounting treats each client individually because we know that this type of attention is what our clients have come to expect and it is what they deserve.

Although we have old-fashioned values when it comes to treating clients with respect, we also use cutting edge small business accounting techniques to get the best results for our clients. Our team uses modern technology to increase our level of productivity, meaning we maintain high standards for hundreds of clients while still finding time to offer the personal touch.

If you are paying too much tax and require a dedicated small business accounting service with your best interests at heart, contact Avalon Accounting today.