Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation for Today’s Small Businesses

04 Sep Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation for Today’s Small Businesses

The soul of any small business is its accounting department. It’s difficult to make decisions about new purchases if you don’t have adequate information concerning the financial health of your business. Your accounting firm should be easy to work with and accessible so that you feel confident in their ability to help you stay on top of your financial needs. Choosing the right bookkeeping service or accountant can truly make or break your business. It’s just that important.

Imagine tax time rolling around and your accountant is off on vacation. Small business owners usually have their heart and soul and most of their worldly possessions wrapped up in their business. Their families are depending upon them and they want to work with an accountant who understands this and is on the same page.

Tax Preparation Firm

The tax laws change every year, especially where small businesses are concerned. There are often loopholes that a really good Boca Raton accountant could easily take advantage of. For instance, in 2010 the Small Business Jobs Act created or expanded deductions and credits for small businesses. This law was designed to help with the high unemployment numbers but it also benefited small businesses. Those with 10 or fewer employees were able to receive the maximum credit. The eligibility rules were based in part on the number of full-time employees.

Tax Preparation

Your Local Tax Consultants

Many small business owners missed out because they were trying to do the books themselves or allowing a family member to do them instead of hiring a competent tax consultant like Avalon. But a great accounting firm does a lot more than excellent tax return preparation; they also give you key investment strategies, designed to help you make the most of your investments. They help you figure out the best ways to pay for large purchases and may even be able to assist you in getting better interest rates on large purchases.

When you add all these things together, your accounting firm can often pay for itself with the savings. Plus you are able to sleep well at night knowing that the books are being done right. Statistics show that small businesses who use the services of a professional accounting firm are much more likely to succeed. Many businesses have had to fold within a few years of their start-up due to problems with the IRS.

Tax Return Preparation

Imagine tax time coming around and you aren’t worried at all. You know that your accountant is on top of it and that all your paperwork and quarterly reports for the previous year were filed on time. All your records are timely and accurate and your accountant will handle everything for you. This gives you the peace of mind to stay focused on your business and keep doing what you do best. Tax preparation is probably not on that list. But it’s high on the list for the tax consultants at Avalon.

Successful business owners know the value of having a great Coral Springs accountant like Avalon Accounting on the job. We’ve been serving the southern Florida area since 1994 and have saved our clients literally thousands of dollars by researching tax laws, finding creative low-cost solutions and offering sound financial advice. Your business deserves the best tax preparation firm and Avalon fits the bill!

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